At the end of September 2023, the igr group received a comprehensive assessment for the processing of US projects at Ramstein airfield in recent years in the following areas

For the Rackwitz sewage treatment plant near Leipzig, igr was commissioned by the Oberer Lober wastewater association to plan an open-space and rooftop photovoltaic system.

On behalf of LBB Landau, igr is planning to renew the supply infrastructure of the Südpfalzkaserne and the air force material depot in Germersheim.

Since igr GmbH has been founded in 1986, its head office was located in Rockenhausen in the Donnersberg district. For this long time, Rockenhausen was a good base for all activities, that took place throughout Germany and beyond.

On the occasion of this year's igr company excursion, we went along the picturesque landscape by boat from Koblenz to Winningen.