With the hiring of our new employee, Mr. Stephen Billing, we have expanded our competence in the field of TGA.

After a two-year break, it was time again.

Redundant re-laying of the southern part of the Ried line (R2S) – 18.40 km of water line DN 1000 near Darmstadt.

In 2010, the union municipality of Enkenbach-Alsenborn commissioned igr with the overall update of the land use plan and the re-establishment of the landscape plan. After the merger with the former union municipality Hochspeyer, the land use pland and the landscape plan were extended to the affiliated municipality and covored an area of 142,39 km² in 8 municipalities with around 20.000 inhabitants.

In the union municipality Otterbach-Otterberg, the land use plan and landscape plan had to be re-established after the merger of the two former association of municipalities Otterbach and Otterberg. A particular challenge was the different ages and the quality of the old plans. The land use plan covered an area of 123,03 km² in 12 communities with a number of districts and courtyards with around 19.000 inhabitants.