The planning of cable routes for wind and solar parks, or for telecommunications, demands not only technical expertise, but is also bound up with a series of legal challenges.

We undertake the route planning from the generation to the feed-in point. In cooperation with the environmental authorities, we deal with the ecological inspection of the whole route, and prepare documentation for all necessary official decisions.

The search for a route involves looking at several options. We generate implementation planning for the best option and support the construction project to its realisation.

We offer comprehensive expertise in the following areas

  • Cable route planning for wind and solar parks, and for other supply and waste disposal routes
  • Route-finding with options
  • Authorisation applications concerning railways, waterways, motorways, federal, state and district road, etc.
  • Securing of easements for the entire route
  • Ecological inspection of the entire route, including environmental services
  • Implementation planning with surveying services
  • On-site construction supervision

Selected references