The use of digital maps and plans with specialist information, so called Geo data, has proved itself in many fields of activity at igr. GIS plays an especially important role in the field of networks and sewage rehabilitation.

We offer our clients comprehensive services, ranging from system-independent consultancy on the choice of a GIS system, to installation, training, data collection, geo-referencing and current status documentation, and position-related analyses. We would be happy to make your data available to you in the form of a Web-GIS, via a secure internet connection.

Further information about our competences in the field of GIS can be found by clicking here.

We offer comprehensive expertise in the following areas

  • System-independent Consultations for GIS selection
  • Support for an introduction or conversion process
  • User training for a variety of systems
  • Data collection, data conversion, data supplementation, data migration
  • Georeferencing, geocoding
  • Current status documentation
  • Position-related analyses
  • Web based GIS

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