Environmental protection has many facets; our expertise is requested for the most varied possible permutations. Usually, one of the following protected resources is to the fore: soil, water, air/climate, landscape, animals/plants, humans or other cultural/physical objects. In summary, these aspects are examined in line with the law covering the environmental compatibility tests, such as environmental reports, the environmental impact studies, or environmental impact assessment tests/pre-tests.

When negotiating larger public legal processes, it is often the case that specialist expert appraisals are required (e.g. for brownfields/waste/soil protection), conceptual project plans (e.g. wind energy or photo voltaic), planning impact on landscapes, energy and noise consequences or forestry or other specialist applications. Due to our interdisciplinary set up, we can provide all the necessary expertise across a wide range of topics in a timely manner.

In this area we are operating not only nation-wide, but also internationally, such as for example in the environmental assistance for water/waste water projects in Croatia.

We offer comprehensive expertise in the following areas

  • Environmental reports
  • Environmental impact study
  • Environmental Impact Assessment/ Preliminary EIA
  • Locality strategy wind energy
  • Applications for exemptions/exceptions
  • Forestry planning
  • Brownfields / solid waste management / soil contaminations
  • Noise-, Air protection
  • Landscape visualisations/visibility analyses
  • Ground water treatment

Selected references