Traffic technology encompasses a very wide remit. It includes traffic development planning, which, based on traffic capacities, up-to-date traffic flows and prognoses, seeks to define the demands of each road function. Our experts undertake acoustic tests, prepare rehabilitation and maintenance designs for existing traffic infrastructures, create road marking and signage plans, etc.. Due to tighter municipal budgets, rehabilitation and maintenance designs have come to the fore in recent years. We develop options and alternatives, compare these with each other, and take account of the long term use of the constructions. Through dynamic cost comparison calculations we prepare a transparent and understandable decision-making template for our client.

We offer comprehensive expertise in the following areas

  • Traffic development planning
  • Current status audit of pavements
  • Rehabilitation and maintenance designs (Pavement Management)
  • Road marking and signage
  • Street lighting
  • Accoustic tests
  • Noise protection
  • Air pollution investigations

Selected references