Runways, taxiways, aprons – in short, airfield pavements – are the most important elements in airports. Exact planning and design, as well as construction, are essential for safe and smooth running flight operations.

igr has been involved in this field since its founding in 1986. More than 30 years’ experience in planning and construction management of aircraft pavements speaks for itself. With a flexible approach and high quality standards, our engineers work out the best possible solutions to a most diverse range of commissions from private, public and military clients (including NATO and the US Air Force, as well as airport operators and municipal unions).

The range of tasks performed by igr stretches from engineering services for rehabilitation and extension, to the complete new-build of aircraft pavements. Accordingly, our services include the installation of necessary infrastructure, including airfield lighting and refuelling facilities. To guarantee long-lasting, good quality airfield pavements, we also offer a comprehensive pavement management service.