Trinkwasser / Löschwasser

The worldwide availability of clean drinking water is very limited. First indications of serious future problems are already apparent in various parts of the world. A more responsible and frugal use of the available resources is therefore all the more important. Therefore, igr incorporates balanced and sustainable water supply designs into its planning for new drinking, non-potable and fire extinguishing water systems.

The range of our services encompasses the planning of new water extraction plants, water storage facilities and water distribution systems, and also current status logging and the rehabilitation of existing plants (for example, water towers). Here, demonstrating possible ways to optimise savings from maintenance overheads and energy costs is our main focus. A technical and economic comparison of various rehabilitation options, ensures the best possible solution is proposed.

We offer comprehensive expertise in the following areas

  • Water collection
  • Water treatment
  • Water storage
  • Water distribution
  • Hydraulic calculation
  • Data base
  • Fire extinguishing water supply

Selected references