Planning for the move to the erstwhile Pfaff site in Kaiserslautern is progressing.

igr GmbH is pleased to announce the successful completion of the planning phase for its upcoming move to the erstwhile Pfaff site in Kaiserslautern. After intensive planning sessions with architects, interior designers and specialist planners for the technical building equipment, the basic planning has now been completed and the project is in the detailed planning phase.

On the landlord side, construction work is in full swing to design the area according to igr's requirements. The focus is on implementing the sophisticated concepts and innovative ideas in order to meet the needs of igr and create an inspiring working environment.


The moving date in August is approaching, and the joyful anticipation of the modern and efficient working environment is increasing among both the igr employees and those responsible for the project. The new office promises not only an optimal working atmosphere, but also innovative solutions for the needs of a constantly evolving construction world.

With this important step in its corporate development, igr is looking forward to its future in its new home in the erstwhile Pfaff site in Kaiserslautern. The company is ready to continue pioneering planning work and innovation and looks forward to setting another milestone in its success story.

Stephen Billing