Naturschutz Erhalt Entwicklung naturnaher Lebensräume

The protection of natural species and habitat complex is a worldwide and Europe-wide challenge, whose importance is reflected in the European legislation (FFH and bird protection regulations). These mandatory (and in part very strict) regulations have been enacted in every EU nation’s laws and, in the last few years, confirmed through legal processes concerning the widest possible variety of building projects.

This means, that for certain strictly protected species (e.g. birds, bats and other mammals, amphibians, reptiles and butterflies), not only for large projects, but also for middle-sized and small projects, an intensive expert inspection is necessary – including mapping, planning and implementation, and long term monitoring.

Since the emerging of species protection as an increasingly important area in the 1990s, igr has been a trusted partner (due to its experience in a vast number of projects around renewable/wind energy, urban development, traffic infrastructure, other infrastructure projects and basic data capture). Through continuous professional development, our staff are always at the technological cutting edge in these specialist areas, where there is an almost constant stream of new knowledge via (amongst other sources) research projects and legal judgements.

We offer comprehensive expertise in the following areas

  • Species protection legislation preliminary examination
  • Species protection legislation examination
  • Species protection expertise
  • Special species protection expertise
  • Faunistic special mapping
  • Monitoring
  • Studies/management of areas

Selected references