SRG Marienthal

The town of Rockenhausen, Marienthal, development of the L386, Donnersberg district

In Marienthal the heavily used through road L386 was upgraded. In particular, it was necessary to tackle danger zones at the narrow places, and create crossing facilities for pedestrians, and a bus stop. In this context, a new footpath was built by relocating it next to the church.

Based on various preliminary planning (play awareness planning, village regeneration), certain measures had to be factored in. In the centre by the church, high-quality materials were installed to achieve an authentic local look. Numerous planted areas enhanced the street space.

At the bus stop a crossing island was added, which made it necessary to widen the street. For this, additional space had to be created through the erection of a retaining wall.

Services provided by igr

  • Traffic planning
  • Open spaces
  • New footpath
  • Surveying
  • Construction supervision