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Site development plan for "Hinter der Bahn" in der town of Wörrstadt, district of Alzey-Worms

The municipality of Wörrstadt, in the district of Alzey-Worms, wishes to meet the demand for residential building land, and to designate a 8 ha site as a development site.In order to take sufficient account of concerns about environmental protection in the weighing up process, an environmental report is to be undertaken.

The development area covers farmland and highly structured gardens.Of particular interest in the planning and balancing measures, is the ambitious conservation of existing groves, and the renaturing of the mill races bordering the site.

Services provided by igr

  • Site development plan
  • Environmental report
  • Encroachment/compensation balancing
  • Storm water management design

Key figures

  • 8 ha area of interest for the site development plan
  • 1 ha flood plain (HQ 100)