Berlin, construction period by-pass (B 96a)

For the construction of the retained cutting around the junction of the B 96a, a by-pass was built.

For the entire construction period of the cutting (approximately a year), the by-pass successfully coped with all the diversion traffic west of the B96a, including bicycles and agricultural traffic. The connection to the structurally separate 2-lane dual carriageway was hard to design; for in the central reservation a height difference of up to 50 cm between the carriageways had to be overcome. The transitional area had to last for the entire construction period for the varying traffic flows throughout five construction phases.

Services provided by igr

  • Planning the traffic system
  • Planning the construction period traffic routing
  • Road markings and signage

Key figures

  • 360 m long single lane dual- carriageway diversion
  • 11.00 m carriageway width (special cross-section SQ 13.5)
  • 6,000 m² asphalt surfacing
  • 5,000 m³ embankment construction
  • 1.2 km traffic safety/traffic routing
  • 400 m mobile concrete safety barriers
  • 4,500 m² by-pass dismantling