Re-flooding the Westpfalzhalle basin, Niederkirchen municipality,District of Kaiserslautern

In connection with the development of the ‘Erweiterung de Sonnenstraße’ new-build area, an external balancing of the water flows in accordance with §§ 61, 62 LWG is required. Equally, the rehabilitation of an agricultural road on an embankment is necessary.

The embankment with agricultural road is so constructed and sealed on its slopes, that the head of a reservoir in the basin will be created. In order to optimise the retained volume, the accumulated sediment in the basin will be removed. The sediment will be used in neighbouring fields.

Through the simultaneous dismantling of a drain, the location will be returned to its natural state and ecologically upgraded. In accordance with the local and topographical conditions, a water meadow will develop in this valley location, for which a sustainable bi-annual mowing system will be established.

Services provided by igr

  • Open-space planning
  • Authorisation planning in line with § 31 WHG
  • Hydraulic calculation
  • Landscape management planning contribution

Key figures

  • ca. 0.1 ha flood plain