Regenwasserrückhalteanlagen Lörzweiler

Development site ‘An der kleinen Hahl’, Lörzweiler municipality, Mainz-Bingen district

As part of the development planning for the development site ‘An der kleinen Hahl’ in the Lörzweiler municipality, inner drainage ditches as well as interception ditches for the outer areas were necessary. In this regard, applications were made in accordance with § 7 WHG and § 27 LWG for the discharge of storm water into the Flügels stream, as well as for the water law authorisation in accordance with § 68 WHG planning approval for the interception ditches. In addition, the permission for construction works within the 10 m area of a surface water feature, in accordance with § 76 LWG (for the necessary ford on Flügels stream) was arranged. All permissions were coordinated with the Licence administration (Structure and Licence Directorate South). The contents of the planning consent were the hydraulic calculation and assessment of the near-nature infiltration and evaporation troughs, the retained volume, the flow release system, the profile of the drainage and interception ditches, as well as the balance of the water flows. igr was also commissioned with the detailed design work, the tendering process and assisting in awarding the contract, as well as on-site construction supervision, which were carried out in a number of construction phases.

Services provided by igr

  • Storm water management design
  • Water law planning approval in accordance with § 68 WHG

Key figures

  • Storm water management design for a total area of 4.5 ha (land available for construction) and 7.5 ha outer area
  • Authorisation application in accordance with § 68 WHG planning approval for ca. 800 m of interception ditches
  • Hydraulic calculation with required retained volume of 910 m³