newPark in Datteln; development of the industrial park for Green Tech

In the northern part of the Ruhr metropolitan area a new industrial site has been created that stands out in terms of innovative and sustainable standards. The area will be developed to meet the standards incrementally. The main development road, including pedestrian pavements and a green strip (the thoroughfare) is 36.5 m wide. Alternative sanitation designs (vacuum and pressure drainage systems) were explored for the waste water disposal system. For the storm water management, rain purification basins, lamella clarifiers and retention soil filters were compared technically and economically.

Services provided by igr

  • Planning of engineering constructions (drainage)
  • Planning of traffic infrastructure
  • Planning of technical equipment
  • Structural design
  • On-site construction supervision
  • Study of novel sanitary systems

Key figures

  • Roundabout external development of the connection to the K 12
  • 3 Internal roundabouts
  • ca. 110,000 m² roads and pedestrian paths
  • Street lighting
  • ca. 6,500 m storm water sewers
  • 3 rain purification basins including a residue removal pumping station and purification equipment
  • ca. 1,500 m² retention soil filters
  • ca. 6.000 m pressure drainage system including 22 specialist constructions
  • Waste water pumping station to act as a connection to the waste water treatment plant (3 building phases)
  • Compressed air flushing station to avoid odour problems
  • ca. 2,700 m waste water pressure pipe for the external development