Industriegebiet A 71 Geraberg Gemeinde Geraberg

Industrial park “A 71 – Geraberg”, Geraberg municipality, district of Ilm

The goal of the municipality and the LEG as developer and site owner was to attract large investors to the Erfurt – Jena – Ilmenau technology triangle.

The measures were undertaken with the support of GRW (improvement of regional economic structure) funding.

Accordingly, the 9.6 ha site was sub-divided into three separate building plots with correspondingly large construction windows. The development plan included the design of traffic infrastructure, landscaping and all supply and waste disposal infrastructure. The retention of storm water in a 1,800 m³ reservoir with a depth of up to 8m below ground level, and the drainage of the storm water through the built up areas of the Geraberg municipality, posed particular demands. Further design challenges were provided by the laying of a 1.3 km high-pressure gas pipeline, with two pressure-reducing stations, from Geraberg, and a 13 km 4 MW power cable from Ilmenau to the site.

Services provided by igr

  • Engineering constructions and traffic infrastructure for all project phases
  • Technical equipment, power and gas supply for all project phases

Key figures

  • 9.6 ha development site
  • Three building plots for large investors (up to 7.5 ha)
  • 1,800 m³ storm water reservoir
  • 1.2 km storm water sewer up to DN 1000
  • 1.3 km high-pressure gas route DN 200 St
  • 13 km MV power cable route
  • Transformer station
  • Fire-fighting water tank V = 240 m³
  • ca. 300 m access road with turning area
  • Drinking water pressure boosting station