Kapaun_Machbarkeitsstudie GW

Feasibility study of disused sites, Kapaun, district of Kaiserslautern

Due to historical usage, several suspected contaminated sites are present on a military property. igr coordinated all site and laboratory work, on the basis of a work plan created in the course of the project. The work was core drilling and the installation of ground water measuring points, small ramming drilling, laboratory work, ammunition reconnaissance, excavation licences, pipeline approvals and compliance with all military restrictions. In addition, the on-site geotechnical construction supervision was an integral part of the overall service.

Through predominantly metre by metre samplings of the exposed profiles (soil and air), as well as ground water sampling undertaken three times over six months, the background contamination was expertly assessed and mapped. The recommendations for further procedures, included for each of the various sites two or three rehabilitation options, which were fully worked through with cost estimates and an implementation work plan. The ground water treatment – via the existing ground water measuring points – is an integral part of this rehabilitation strategy.

Services provided by igr

  • Feasibility study
  • Additions to a risk assessment
  • Additions to a detailed investigation in line with BBodSchG, BBodSchV and/or Alex lists
  • Project management including responsibility for all commercial services
  • Health and safety coordination
  • Construction supervision

Key figures

  • 7 x core drillings up to ca. 20 m deep
  • 3 x installation of ground water measuring points up to 30 m deep
  • 35 x small ramming drillings up to 5 m deep
  • 4 sub-sites on a large site of ca. 20 ha