FA Otterbach LSW

Landscaping at a development site, Otterbach municipality, district of Kaiserslautern

Otterbach municipality, with support from igr, has developed a new development site in the north-west of the municipality. igr was also responsible for planning and tendering the technical development of the open spaces in and around the development area. It was also important to create a noise barrier, so that the adjacent large-scale retailers were well integrated in the countryside.

A play ground was planned and installed within the development site.

The implementation of the compensatory measures was also a part of the project.

Services provided by igr

  • Site development plan
  • Environmental report/ expert reports
  • Surveying
  • Storm water management plan/ commencement application
  • Development planning
  • Road construction
  • Construction supervision
  • Project management

Key figures

  • 12,000 m² green areas