Flächenvermessung Auswärtiges Amt - Liegenschaften, Sommerresidenz Tarabya

Reorganisation of the pipeline infrastructure at the Tarabya property, Istanbul, Turkey

igr was responsible for the reorganisation of the pipeline cable infrastructure in Tarabya, the former summer residence of the German ambassador in Turkey. The branch offices of the chamber of commerce, the Orient Institute and the German-Turkish society are also located on the site.

The measures encompassed the reorganisation of the surface drainage system; the installation of a waste water disposal system; the restructuring of the drinking water supply, including water storage and pressure boosting; the installation of a power supply, including a transformer and emergency power system; and new connections to the public power supply, gas supply and telecommunications network.

Services provided by igr

  • Area surveying of the site for asset documentation
  • Recording of all pipelines and cables – water supply and waste water disposal, power supply
  • Preparation of detailed plans with a terrain model for further planning on the property
  • Construction surveying – staking out for the undertaking of construction work
  • Levelling to set height reference points
  • General planning services
  • Engineering constructions for waste water, LP 3, 6 - 9
  • Technical equipment (for subcontracting services), LP 3 – 9

Key figures

  • 180,000 m² site
  • 9 main buildings