"Apfelgasse" development site, Lörzweiler municipality, district of Mainz-Bingen

As Lörzweiler municipality could not finance the development site alone, they entered into a partnership with Palatia engineering and urban development GmbH (a subsidiary company of igr). In the shortest possible time, igr planned the development and obtained the necessary authorisations. Construction began one year after the signing of the site development contract.

Besides the provision of all technical engineering services, igr also supported the marketing of the development site, with the result that the majority of the site has now already been developed.

Services provided by igr

  • Modification of the site development plan
  • Urban development planning and environmental management subsiduary plan
  • Surveying
  • Development planning
  • Development
  • Construction supervision
  • Health and safety coordination

Key figures

  • 460 m² Asphalt surfaces
  • 4,250 m² paved surfaces
  • 1,400 m waste water and storm water sewers DN 200 to DN 500
  • 700 m water supply pipelines
  • 420 m infiltration troughs
  • 550 m³ retaining basins/troughs
  • 1,000 m power supply, lighting, telecommunications
  • 55 house connections