Construction surveying as part of the surface optimisation of Federal motorways

The redevelopment of existing structures requires a comprehensive aggregation of all relevant limiting conditions and constraints, from accurate technical survey recordings, to information about the existing carriageway superstructure and the construction substructure.

Surface optimisation was to be undertaken on the A6, A48, A61 and A63 motorways. igr offered the road construction departments concerned comprehensive project management. igr covered all aspects of the work: the inventory for the surface optimisation, the preparation of road surface and stake out data for the construction companies, and the monitoring of the sub-base and the construction completion.

In total 25 km of motorway was surveyed, planned and renewed. The construction surveying was undertaken promptly for the construction companies, who implemented igr’s plans.

Services provided by igr

  • Confirmation of the site control points through multiple GNSS surveying (satellite-enabled surveying)
  • Precision levelling to determine the altitude of the fixed points
  • Terrain recording of the existing carriageway for subsequent surface optimisation
  • Generation of a digital terrain model

Key figures

  • 3.4 km A6 both carriageways between the Ramstein-Miesenbach junction and Landstuhl-West motorway intersection
  • 4.0 km A6 between the Enkenbach-Alsenborn and Wattenheim junctions
  • 5.275 km A48 at Ochtendung
  • 3.2 km A61 between the Alzey and Gundersheim junctions
  • 2.7 km A63 between the Niederolm and Saulheim junctions
  • 3.1 km A63 between the Saulheim and Nieder-Olm junctions