Bingen pavement optimisation A 61, central junction

Building reconstruction requires a comprehensive recording of all relevant limiting conditions and constraints, from surveying with great accuracy to obtaining information about the existing road superstructure and the building substrates. As a starting point, a reproduction of the existing road geometry was made for a current status analysis, by means of the road axes and road surface maps.

igr carried out surface optimisation calculations, taking account of possible adjustments in altitude of the new road surface, while at the same time optimising the surface drainage and correcting the existing surface unevenness in longitudinal and cross-sectional directions. Special attention was paid to the optimisation calculations with regard to earth movement, in order to enable an environmental recycling of the existing building materials. The geometry of the junction ramps was partially altered and optimised. The geometric calculations were incorporated into the control system for the construction.

Services provided by igr

  • Current status analysis
  • Designing of the traffic infrastructure
  • Surface optimisation calculations

Key figures

  • ca. 17,000 m² road renewal