Bingen am Rhein (Kreis Mainz-Bingen),Sanierung Durchlass Mühebach

Rehabilitation of the Mühebach culvert, town of Bingen am Rhein, District of Mainz-Bingen

In the course of renovating the existing 35 m long stream culvert (DN 1000) on the Mühebach in Bingen-Bingerbrück, an application for planning permission was submitted according to § 68 WHG. On the basis of the new hydraulic calculations, the upgrading of the Mühebach with a wider diameter (DN 2000) and longer pipe (67 m) will be undertaken. In addition, a crossbar fabricated as a stone barrier was planned. An investigation of options with economic analysis was required in the course of the planning approval process. igr was also commissioned with the detailed design, the tendering process and assisting in awarding the contract, as well as the on-site construction supervision.

Services provided by igr

  • Investigation of options for the application for planning approval
  • Application for planning approval acc. § 68 WHG, with evidence of the hydraulic efficiency of the open ditch and the piped stream profile
  • Crossbar fabricated as a stone barrier in the upstream of the Mühebach, with evidence of the integrity/stability of the composite-stone ramp
  • Detailed design
  • Tendering and assistance in awarding the contract
  • Dismantling of a dry stone wall, embankment protection and stream bottom stabilisation in stream bed

Key figures

  • 35 m renovation of culvert DN 1000
  • 67 m new stream pipework DN 2000
  • 55 m³ crossbar fabricated as a composite-stone barrier
  • 300 m² dismantling of a dry stone wall, embankment protection