Ganzjahreskonzept Rennsteig

All year round concept at Rennsteig - Thuringia

The Rennsteig is a ca. 170 km ridge footpath as well as a historic border trail in the Thüringer forest, Thüringer Schiefergebirge mountains and the Frankenwald forest. That apart, it is the oldest footpath, and with about 100,000 hikers per year, the most popular long distance footpath in Germany. With the support of the GRW (Joint Initiative for the Promotion of the Regional Economic Structure) funding programme, the tourist infrastructure in the vincinity of the Rennsteig was upgraded in various ways. On behalf of the Rennsteig infrastructure GmbH company, igr designed, prepared for authorisation regulations and oversaw the implementation of car parks and road constructions (within the limiting conditions of the complicated authorisation regulations around nature conservation, historic building conservation and drinking water protection).

Services provided by igr

  • Planning of traffic infrastructure and engineering constructions, phases 1 to 9
  • Design surveying
  • Environmental management planning contributions
  • Road markings and signage design
  • On-site construction supervision

Key figures

  • "Schmiedefeld" carpark with in-line skating route
  • "Schillerbuche" carpark, Bad Liebenstein
  • "Neue Ausspanne" carpark in Tambach-Dietharz, including an infiltration facilities and hazardous substances retention facilities
  • Neustadt carpark, including an infiltration facilities
  • "Kalte Küche" carpark in Sonneberg, with monunent
  • "Hohe Sonne" carpark in Eisenach, under historic building conservation requirements
  • "Hörschel" road construction in Eisenach