Planning an accessible infrastructure tunnel

On the site of the Berlin-Tegel Airport (which is still in operation), the entire airport will, following its decommissioning, be reconstructed and redeveloped as a research and industrial park.

On the basis of the Berlin senate‘s master plan and previous conceptual thinking, an accessible infrastructure tunnel (ISK) for the urban supply and disposal utility lines was developed by igr, as an innovative alternative to a traditional buried installation.

Due to the high groundwater levels, the entire structure is planned to use a waterproof concrete construction method and to be equipped with appropriate water pressure-tight joints and pipe openings. To guarantee dry excavation work, an extensive waterproof trench-lining, including related water removal work is planned for the entire construction period.

The ISK is an underground construction, which will accommodate the suppy and disposal pipelines and cables (drinking water, waste water, low-exergy, medium voltage, low voltage, telecommications and information technology). The pipeline systems will be installed with sophisticated brackets and support systems on the anchoring rails of the reinforced concrete prefabricated sections.

In addition to the ISK, the existing sewer will be adapted to accord with current rules and regulations with regard to fire protection. To record the existing sewer, its position and height was surveyed underground by igr.

Services provided by igr

  • Underground survey of the existing infrastructure channel (dual-channel)
  • Media requirements and participation in the preparation of the business strategy
  • Fire protection strategy
  • Engineering structures and stuctural engineering for all project phases
  • Technical equipment for waste water, water and gas systems (ALG 1), Ventilation systems (ALG 3), high voltage systems (ALG 4), telecommunications and information technology systems (ALG 5) for all project phases

Key figures

  • 710 m frame section ISK (□ 4.30 x 3.40 m)
  • 43 m frame section ISK (□ 2.50 x 3.30 m)
  • 127 m reinforced concrete tubing DN 1500 (driving techniques)
  • 4 reinforced concrete structures ISK
  • 13 structures to connect the building plots (partly built with a cellar)
  • 16,000 m² waterproof trench lining
  • 800 m brackets and fixing systems in the ISK for mounting the planned pipeline systems