Feasibility study for wind farms in Münsterwald Süd, Gemeinde Rötgen, Städteregion Aachen

The first phase of the feasibility study investigated an area in the Rötgen municipality with regard to the latest designs, guidelines and established safety clearance distances for wind farms. Amongst other things, the following were taken into account: the Nordrhein-Westfalen ‘energy atlas’ with a study of the potential of renewable energy and wind conditions; the Nordrhein-Westfalen wind energy decree; existing guides for species/habitat protection and woods with regard to wind farms; and identified protection zones.

The goal was to identify an area of current suitability for a potential wind farm.

In a second study phase, the chosen layout (options with and without an adjacent wind park) was investigated with regard to aspects of immissions legislation in partnership with the company BBB Gelsenkirchen. Subsequently, after an examination of small-scale options for two specific turbine types, estimations of energy yield and economic viability were undertaken.

Services provided by igr

  • Consideration of planning background conditions and restrictions
  • Consideration of available wind data and calculations
  • Identifying a suitable area for a potential wind farm
  • Consideration of the proposed layouts with regard to immission protection law (sound and shadow impact)
  • Energy yield estimation and economic efficiency estimation

Key figures

  • 82 ha investigation area
  • ca. 10,000 inhabitants
  • Consideration of in total 10 wind farms including surrounding area