Economic efficiency analysis for a photovoltaic power station in Baška municipality, Croatia

Following on from the zero emissions strategy study for the island of Krk, the Baška municipality determined to build a photo-voltaic power station. Baška is, with 1,670 residents, the second largest municipality, and the the most important tourist centre on the island.

The municipality commissioned igr to prepare a study for the "Barbicin" development area, with the aim of clarifying the technical and legal environments, and to explore the economic efficiency considerations of the planned photo-voltaic power station. "Barbicin" lies on a sparsely covered rocky plateau, approximately 375 m above the Adriatic, and covers an area of more than 2,000 ha. 36 options, with plant sizes of 1 MWp, 3 MWp and 5 MWp were investigated in connection with various finance opportunties, taking into account all requirements, such as those set by the Croatian power supplier HEP-ODS, as well as the contents of the land use development plan for the county of Primorsko-Goranska, and other factors.

Services provided by igr

  • Clarification of prevailing conditions
  • Economic efficiency analysis
  • Cost-benefit-analysis
  • Calculation of earning power

Key figures

  • Size of the investigation area: 2,000 ha
  • Economic efficiency considerations for 36 options with plant sizes of 1 MWp, 3 MWp and 5 MWp