The employee as co-owner

On 31st March 2000 igr GmbH became a public company. Although igr shares have not been traded through the stock market or subjected to speculative activity, their value has grown many times over their initial price. Currently a share is worth €3.77.

Of the more than 1.9 million shares, 146,916 are currently owned by the company itself (correct on 31.12.2017). The majority of shares are held by the directors, but it is noteworthy that almost every member of staff owns company shares. This is something that the company leadership values highly; for it demonstrates a high degree of identification with the company. The number of shareholders currently stands at 172.

Annual general meeting

Each year igr invites all shareholders to an annual general meeting. At the AGM, the company’s supervisory board and the board of directors review the past year’s operations and explain developments that have occurred, or that are planned in the near future.

Investing in the future

That igr shares are a good investment is shown by a glance at their history: shareholders, who purchased igr AG shares in the first year of their availability, have seen them increase in value by 112 %.