At the end of January 2019 the AKUT project (incentive systems for municipal flood prevention) was launched in Mainz. As an affiliated partner, igr is involved in this project, which is supported by the Federal Ministry for the Environment as part of the German climate change adaptation strategy. It is designed for a duration of two years. 

igr is continually expanding its range of services relating to complex sewer renovation projects.

Groundbreaking ceremony for a secure water supply in western Croatia

The big day arrived on 13th November 2018. In the Croatian municipality of Fužine the groundbreaking ceremony for the renovation of the water supply plant serving the town of Delnice and the municipalities of Fužine and Brod Moravice took place. The existing water supply network is ca. 310 km long. Parts of it require renovation, and in addition settlements and populated areas which are not currently connected to the network, should be.

A new contract for igr d.o.o. within the framework of the cooperation programme Swiss-Croatia

In 2006, the Swiss Confederation set up a funding mechanism as the Swiss contribution to the EU expansion. Through the "expansion contribution" Switzerland contributes to the reduction of economic and social inequality in the EU.

Since 1st August 2018 BKW Germany Ltd. is the majority share holder

BKW is expanding its engineering network and as a result is continuing its growth in the service sector. With igr, a top-performing medium-sized business has joined BKW Engineering.

The demand for infrastructure services is very large. Simultaneously, the demand for holistic infrastructure planning is growing. This concerns efficiency, sustainability, ecology and practicality, as well as sensible resource allocation. This is exactly where the strength of BKW Engineering lies.