Leitung Telekom Huetschenhausen

Upgrading/new build of a Telecommunications line Hütschenhausen-Bruchmühlbach, district of Kaiserslautern

Deutsche Telekom planned to connect Hütschenhausen municipality to the DSL network by upgrading and newly installing a 34 Mbit fibre optic cable.

The route passed through a moor with the hightest nature conservation constraints (FFH area "Westricher Moorniederung", nature conservation area, comprehensively protected habitats), promting igr to be consulted, on the recommendation of the responsible specialist licencing authority. In the course of processing the encroachment regulations (in the environmental management supplementary plan), extensive protection and avoidance measures were defined, which would be the subject of intensive scrutiny by igr during the construction process.

Following a thorough examination of alternative routes, restriction areas, working strips, storage areas, etc (which avoided encroachment on the natural environment) were demarcated. The creation of near- nature waterway crossings was a further focus, with the examination of options (pipe ramming, culverts) and the corresponding design of, amongst other things, cross profiles and system cross sections. In agreement with Deutsche Telekom and the affected local municipalities, nature conservation plans for crossings with country roads, motorways and railways were prepared.

Services provided by igr

  • Environmental management supplementary plan
  • Application in line with § 38 WHG (riparian buffer zones) and §§ 76 bis 78 WHG (flood plains
  • FFH preliminary assessment
  • Species protection apraisal
  • Examination of a comprehensively protected habitat in line with § 30 BNatSchG and NSG-RechtsVO
  • Environmental construction supervision
  • Design suveying

Key figures

  • 4.4 km route length (2.7 km upgrading; 1.7 km new build)
  • 10 x waterway crossings, 1 x crossing with rail line and A6 motorway
  • 30 ha core investigation zone, plus ca. 3,000 ha FFH area