Weselberg Nord wind energy farm, district of Südwestpfalz

juwi Energieprojekte GmbH was planning to erect nine wind turbines (Type V112: manufactured by Vestas) with an output of 3 MW. The wind farms were planned to the north of the town of Weselberg on both sides of the A62.

igr was commissioned, to assess the environmental concerns relating to the processing of encroachment regulations in line with § 18 Abs. 1 BNatSchG in a specialist contribution on nature conservation and a preliminary Environmental Impact Assessment. The encroachments on nature and the countryside were investigated. Exclusion-free areas for wind energy are already designated in the Westpfalz regional development plan. The planned wind farms are all within these areas. There were no protection zones in the investigation area.

The landscape is the Sickinger Höhe, a terraced area with pronounced variations of sharply delineated wooded valleys and high areas used for agriculture.

The part-paved and completely paved areas were taken into account and a balancing exercise undertaken. Comprehensive compensation measures were stipulated for the investigation area, and corresponding compensation payments established in line with the Alzeyer model. Landscape visualisations and visibility analyses, were also added as an appendix in the preliminary EIA and the specialist contribution on nature conservation.

Services provided by igr

  • Specialist report on nature conservation
  • Preliminary EIA

Key figures

  • Investigation area 433 ha
  • 9 wind turbines