Deckensanierung Moritzwallstrasse

Pavement rehabilitation of Moritzwallstraße in the city of Erfurt

The renewal of the existing road surface with an asphalt overlay was undertaken in the Moritzwallstraße, to reduce noise levels under the framework of measures contained within the economic activity support packet.

In undertaking the work, a mastic asphalt top layer with a porous surface (Porous Mastic Asphalt – PMA) was used – as a pilot project for Erfurt. The construction tasks were arranged by igr and scientifically scrutinised by an external agency. A trial of the PMA top laver was conducted as part of the operation.

Alongside the road renewal, the storm water drainage system, kerbs and pavements required modifications and repairs. To minimise the disruption to local traffic, the construction work was undertaken in sections using a one-lane closure system.

igr supervised the construction from the draft surveying, through the planning of the traffic infrastructure, to the on-site construction supervision.

Services provided by igr

  • Planning of the traffic infrastructure including top laver optimisation
  • Preliminary surveying
  • Road markings and signage
  • Road drainage
  • On-site construction supervision

Key figures

  • ca. 1,900 m² milling off of existing asphalt top layer
  • ca. 1,100 m² rebuilding existing natural-stone pavement
  • ca. 1,900 m² mastic asphalt top layer PMA 5