Since 1986 igr has proved its versatility and capability in over 2,500 projects. In doing so, the company has developed from a local engineering firm into an internationally active service provider. igr has not only grown geographically, but also in the breadth of its expertise.

Today, our highly qualified staff can cover extensive fields of civil engineering and environmental planning and represent igr in many locations in Germany and Europe. The most modern software and hardware is available to them. The use of advanced technical equipment by our employees, in combination with our programme of continual professional development is established practice in our company.

The following headings offer you a comprehensive insight into igr.

Agenda 2030

Shaping the future

igr is a company, which has always created room for manoeuvre, in order to anticipate changes in the market. Particularly in recent years, both the commissioners’ targets and the technical and legal environments have either changed, or are undergoing a process of change.

As a result, a skilful and sustainable adjustment of the company’s orientation is essential to keep igr ‘fit for the future’.

To this end we are using our advantage as a medium-sized company, and have initiated an integral process, involving all staff.

The title of the forward-looking programme is Agenda 2030, reflecting the timescale of the action plan to be developed.

The agreed guiding principles of the agenda are illustrated by the following key words: cooperative, goal-orientated, consistent, sustainable.

The agenda will be developed in facilitated workshops, from which working groups charged with finding solutions to upcoming challenges will be formed. A whole company approach will be developed through the coordination of individual measures. The goal is to strengthen available capability, eliminate weaknesses and establish additional client-orientated skills.

Our fields of work and our personnel are two important agenda themes. These are two key areas that are closely linked. Similarly, questions about future markets and qualifications also demand attention.

For us, shaping the future means: to act before we are forced to react.

The following Code of Conduct represents the basis of our company policy with regard to social responsibility and ethical conduct. The statement sets out our values and conduct principles, and applies to everyone who is acting on behalf of igr; including explicitly any sub-contractors that we engage. The acceptance of these conduct principles is the basis forcooperation and is obligatory. The Code will embed a culture of integrity within igr, and also in all organisations with which we work in partnership.


The Code applies to persons, companies, and institutions who are acting on behalf of igr.

This Code is binding on our employees and sub-contractors for all societal, social, professional and private activities; in particular when non-observance could be damaging to igr’s reputation.

The Code has no geographical limits and applies to all activities, both in Germany and abroad.

The foundations of our code of conduct

The goal:

A world in which politics, administrative processes, the economy, the legal system, civil society and everyday life are free from corruption.

The values:

Transparency, responsibility, integrity, solidarity, civil courage, justice, democracy and the rule of law.

The conduct principles

  • Each person is responsible for their own actions
  • Integrity is the basis of all activities
  • Corruption is fraud against society and against competitors
  • Corruption will not be tolerated in any project phase
  • We will punish and prevent infringements of our Code of Conduct
  • Transparency is the most important principle
  • Principles of confidentiality continue to apply notwithstanding the Code

igr conduct guidelines

Knowledge, experience and expertise in combination with high ethical and moral standards assure the highest possible level of quality for our services. We see it as our mission to provide excellent services; and, in the process, uphold our high ethical standards. We persuade through our performance, and win contracts through quality and service. We provide services independent of the interests of suppliers and contractors.

The commitment and effectiveness of the people involved in delivering commissions are at the heart of our work. The paramount task of the Management is to ensure that this can happen, and to establish the conditions for acting with integrity.

The Management is responsible for financial transparency. We pursue the following aims:

  • We will identify structures and frameworks that foster corruption in all aspects of life, and change them so that corruption issocially unacceptable and effectively contained.
  • We will not risk igr’s reputation by allowing people acting for us to associate with untrustworthy or dubious organisations or people, whose activities are not compatible with the values of transparency and integrity.
  • In our business practices, conduct and activities we will avoid the possibility of any doubt arising about our independence and impartiality.
  • We will not accept any direct or indirect donation, which might be intended to influence igr’s irreproachable objectivity and professionalism.
  • We will not demand gifts and hospitality in connection with our activities, and will only accept them if they are appropriate in their reason, nature and scale, and could not be misunderstood either by the parties involved, or by a third party. The same is true for courtesies and gestures that we present to our clients as confirmation of our productive cooperation.
  • We will maintain discretion about processes that, inspite of our declared belief in transparency, must remain confidential; where the alternative would be to contravene data protection regulations.

Conflict management

The Management will investigate and take appropriate measures, should it become known to it that a member of staff or sub-contractor is acting contrary to the Code.

igr consistently condemns corruption, wherever it is reliably confirmed. Should, inspite of all preventative measures, a person acting for igr be associated with bribery and/or corruption, an internal investigation process will be initiated, as determined by the Management, regardless of the person’s standing in the company.

The Management encourages every member, and all staff, to inform the Executive Board about supposed violations of the code of conduct, if a clarification with the directly affected person is not possible, or has not achieved a satisfactory outcome.

Noone at igr will be allowed to suffer disadvantages at work, or reputational damage because she/he reported suspicions of a Code violation.

The Board of Directors hereby obliges every person acting on igr’s behalf to comply with the contents of the Code of Conduct.


For us, our guiding principle ‘shaping the future’, also means, in a holistic sense, commitment to society.

From the spectrum of possibilities open to igr, two focal points have emerged. Firstly, each year we train a relatively large number of young people (link: education and training); and secondly, igr has for several years sponsored three children in developing countries. These young people receive financial support from igr and in addition are in regular contact with our trainees. The trainees take a personal interest in the sponsored children, sending them small presents on their birthday or at Christmas, or writing letters telling them about themselves and describing developments in our company: an activity from which both sides benefit.

Our commitment also includes a code of conduct, which is based on the agreed values and operational principles of the international movement, Transparency International, and which is obligatory for all igr activities. Through our commitment, we support the development of a future, in which corruption and lack of transparency are no longer acceptable.

In everything that we do, create or implement, we challenge the status quo. Since our founding in 1986 we have offered our clients added value in every area of our company’s operations. For us ‘quality’ is not just a catchword, but rather the consequence of our identification with the company philosophy, and our constant efforts to meet the needs of our clients in the best possible way.

The success of our company philosophy is evidenced by the fact that we have retained many of our clients from the very beginning until today, and continue to win commissions from them to provide planning and management services.

In the minds of our clients, the name igr stands for efficiency, transparency based on trust, innovation, and above all, quality. In the first instance, we define quality as the meeting of the requirements agreed with the clients. Beyond this, quality also encompasses the observance of legal and other regulations, as well as actions that are in accordance with socio-political objectives and the interests of environmental protection.

Client orientation

The client (commissioner) is always to the fore in all our activities. We want to constantly reinforce trust with our clients through:

  • intensive consultation before, during and after contractual relationships
  • providing services that meet contractually agreed costs and deadlines
  • creating transparency in all project phases

Only when the client is satisfied with each and every element of the service they have received, can we perpetuate and further enhance our reputation for quality.

Technical quality

A prerequisite for client satisfaction is that clients receive competent services from a technical, economic and ecological point of view.

In this regard we are not content to stick with recognised technological methods, but rather we actively contribute to the development of new technologies and planning approaches. This approach is underpinned by the use of the most modern technologies, in particular in the IT field.

We want to continue to provide high quality services and to play a part in shaping the future.

Staff orientation

We want to offer our staff development opportunities. We ensure that all members of staff attain a high level of competence through support and training. Through the control of internal work processes and the clear allocation of competencies and responsibilities, we provide the organisational conditions for autonomous and self-motivated work in project teams.

Quality is achieved because every member of staff, at every organisational level and in all departments, contributes towards the realisation of our high quality standards.

We set high standards for our staff. At the same time our staff expect that we will provide the prerequisites for each individual’s personal development.

For this, besides their line managers, the firm’s leadership are responsible. The staff annual appraisal provides an opportunity to check how successfully each member of staff’s wishes and concerns have been addressed.

Continual improvement

Quality cannot be taken for granted; just as mistakes are also not inevitable. The aphorism, ‘you can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs’, is not accepted in our offices. Mistakes reveal a potential for improvement. They are evaluated and their causes analysed, so that effective corrective and preventative measures can be introduced, thereby preventing errors from being repeated.

We are never contented with what has been achieved to date. We are determined to be even better in the future. Every member of staff is working with dedication to this end.

Declaration of conformity

The development and introduction of quality management (QM) systems is such, that it is possible to obtain a certificate almost ‘as required’ and to ensure the standard-compliant structure of the igr QM system.

The observance and further development of the QM system, and the constant improvement of our internal processes, are fundamental components of our company philosophy.

Currently, we see no advantage in having our QM system certificated externally, and have consciously decided not to take this route.

We hereby declare that our quality management system conforms to the requirements of the DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 standard.